This page is dedicated to Mel’s feralist practice and feralosophy.

Based on years as a participatory artist outdoors and improvisation teacher gone feral, I am developing Feralism as a form of creative response and provocative art form. I directed the Bristol Feral Choir from 2006 to 2013, which led to Going Feral from 2011 to 2014. There’s been a break for family and my academic career, but the feral spirit is still going strong! In 2018 I was asked to lead a multispecies choir for the KIN festival at the Arnolfini, Bristol for Shambala Festivals. A new chapter of feral is happening.

The emergent feralosophy featured at the exciting Feral Conference, a nearly carbon neutral, totally free and online event with participants worldwide. This was convened in November 2018 by Massey University’s Political Ecology Research Centre, New Zealand. Check out the brilliant talks!

Here’s the 20-minute narrated presentation that outlines the emergent Feralosophy…

Here’s the full list of references included in this paper.

Try some five-minute feral provocations.

These are some simple playful acts for you to try, a micro-form of going feral for everyday life.