Going Feral

Going Feral – an immersive programme exploring both natural and urban environments using the expressive arts. A new year-long programme will be launched in 2016, alongside our creative ecotherapy programme.

For documentation of past work, please see our previous feral website. Here are some reflections from an Autumn Going Feral day in 2012 co-led with Itta Howie. Apart from crawling over rocks, singing and roasting tasty snacks on the fire, we had good fun with apples. Influenced by Halloween, we carved apple heads, giving them a voice and a place to work their ‘magic’ powers …









What an intensely healing day! To spend the day in playful conversation with nature, seeing myself reflected in it, soaking up the inspiration to live and grow and be creative from it, allowing myself to lose and find myself in it with such expert guidance from Itta and Mel was amazingly therapeutic. Thank you a million times and I look forward to the next one.” Holly, Participant

“I have to agree with you Holly. It was a beautiful day that I will treasure in my memory. Supported by the woods, our group and Itta and Mel, I allowed myself to access the part which can hold both the sublime and the ridiculous in the same moment. This was a powerful experience and reminds me that in life they are not so different”. Christina Greenland,  participant.