Mel McCree is a gifted improvisation trainer, director and performer, experienced in exploring ways into improvising with music, voice, drama and words, both indoors or outdoors. Her courses have run since the 1990s in Bristol and are at the core of the ‘creativity’ part of the Free Range ethos. She will lead you into a discovery of a world of play, your own abundant imagination and endless possibilities.

Available as stand alone day or regular weekly courses. A popular option is Mel’s ‘impro parachute’ session for choirs and established creative groups, which enables the regular leader to have a night off, whilst the group’s material is approached differently and techniques revitalised.

Drama improv courses have covered the basics of creatiing improv in groups, physical theatre, Forum Theatre, long and short form improv, and working with movement, music and words.

Music impro courses can focus on structured or free improvisation, ways to liberate your playing, group and solo work.

Voice impro teaches valuable techniques and activities to guide you into improvising with your voice, ways to play and untame the voice, group structures and the freedom of having a good collective howl.

Improvisation can be applied in organisational settings, to enable groups to play with possibility, imagine, innovate, approach their work differently and see the playful side of their colleagues. Ideal for team building days.

Finally, improvisation outdoors can transform our ways of sensing the world and teach key principles to site-specific practice. It can also be simply a really fun and different way to go for a stroll.

All of the above can be combined as a cross-arts impro course.